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ESIR - Earn Save Invest Repeat - ESIR.Investments
The ESIR Coin is a MasterNode Coin with its own blockchain and asset backed by the ESIR.Investments Treasury. The ESIR.Investments is a MVP (minimal valuable product) with our v1.0 platform where users can invest in different Staking Plans exposing our Treasury holdings to different markets/sectors/strategies and growing their passive income.
THE TREASURY The Treasury merges Crypto diversification with standard rebalancing mechanisms and more complex trading systems with dynamic hedging levels throughout Liquidity Providing, DeFi Yield Farming, MasterNoding and Dynamic Hedging. * Liquidity Providing on CeFI/DeFi platform earning interest from borrowing and lending assets.
* Yield Farming and liquidity providing on DeFi Platforms earning governance tokens and fees from the exchange.
* MasterNoding investing in a diversified portfolio of High/Medium/Lowcap MasterNode Coins.
* Dynamic Hedging with a variable exposure of Crypto Margin and StableCoins, gradually rebalancing into a higher allocation of StableCoins with the Crypto markets appreciation and gradually rebalancing into higher Crypto exposure with the depreciating of the Crypto markets.
* Mining with highly efficient high end GPU cards, partnerships with established mining services and hashrate purchase, scaling up our renewable energy mining farm (to deploy into 2022+).
Users can purchase coins from our 7 Stages of PostSales starting at 0.125$ and increasing after raising TVL by 300.000$ per stage; 0.150$; 0.20$; 0.25$; 0.30$; 0.40$ and 0.50$. Investment Packs have discounts up to 7%.
TWO TIER REFFERAL SYSTEM Users can earn more ESIR Coins promoting the platform and earning 5% from all deposits of their L1 referrals and 2% from the referrals of their L1 affiliates (L2 referrals). MINIMUM BUYBACK LEVEL ESIR.Investments monitors collateral ratios to support and raise our MBL (Minimum Buyback Level) to rebalance and distribute excess collateral to a higher coin valuation and execute active buybacks to remove sellers from the open market. Less than 5% allocation for MBL will be held on exchanges to maximize the allocation of the remaining assets to maximize returns for active buybacks and asset backing of all new Staking Rewards and will refill the MBL liquidity as needed.
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