ESIR Investments Plans
The ESIR Platform provides multiple and simple ways to earn a high and stable income from our 5 plans to invest in:
  • Liquidity Providing on CeFI/DeFi platform, earning interest for borrowing and lending assets.
  • Yield Farming and liquidity providing on DeFi Platforms earning governance tokens and fees from the exchanges.
  • MasterNoding investing in a diversified portfolio of High/Medium/Lowcap MasterNode Coins with Proof of Stake.
  • Dynamic Hedging with a variable exposure of mainly Ethereum, Bitcoin and USD where exposure is rebalanced gradually into a higher allocation of USD with na upwards Crypto market and gradual rebalancing into higher Crypto exposure with a downward Crypto market.
  • Mining with highly efficient, high end GPU cards, partnerships with established mining services and hashrate purchase, scaling up our renewable energy mining farm (to deploy into 2022+). Each plan has multiple Terms and yields, as below:
Plan Name
Min. Investment
Approx APY
Principal Return

ESIR Liquidity Providing

400 ESIR

ESIR DeFi Yield Farming

​2000 ESIR

ESIR MasterNoding

8000 ESIR

ESIR Dynamic Hedging

20,000 ESIR

ESIR Mining

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