How to Participate in Postsales

Getting Started

PostSales on the Platform are a simple way to buy ESIR Coins directly without the need to go through an Exchange. Everything you do on the ESIR Platform is routed directly through your own account without any third parties.
PostSale service is free and without fees.

How To Buy

Log in to your account and go to PostSale page : https://app.esir.investments/new
Select your preferred Plan and click on "INVEST NOW"
Select your payment method and click on PROCEED TO PAY
Send the amount to the showing address, enter your transaction Hash code and click CONFIRM DEPOSIT
Your deposit will be pending until our team manually reviews the deposit and confirms it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you doublecheck the address and network before sending your funds. Any funds sent to a wrong address or network can be lost.
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