• ✔️ New homepage
  • ✔️ Platform Beta Release
  • ✔️ Fixing Bugs
  • ✔️ Swap Sharholders Coins
  • ✔️ Launch the ESIR.Investments platform for Shareholders and new investors
  • ✔️ Launch the ESIR MasterNode Coin with the latest pivx fork
  • ✔️ Public Platform Launch
  • ❌ Increase the ESIR.Investments Treasury/AuM with seven (7) Post Sale Stages
  • ❌ Optimize diversification and performance with wealth preservation strategies (Dynamic Hedging) to improve collateral surplus at all times
  • ❌ Raise collateral ratios above 100% and build a buyback Treasury to generate rewards for active price support and price increase trough buybacks
  • ❌ Increasing Treasury longevity to offer Investment Plans with higher yields and resilience to draw downs with hedging strategies and allocating excess collateral to safer/lower yielding assets (Ex: [email protected]%APY = [email protected]%APY, lower yields are less exposed to volatility or inflation)
  • ❌ Improve platform and blockchain
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